By Alex Recker


Style talk - programming style that is. What does your programming style say about your stance on moral responsibility?

Blog by Alex Recker A Website

That's right - all the code for this blog is just hanging out there.

MJ Art Inspiration An Art Blog

A website I made for my beautiful muse, Marissa, to showcase her art.

Corgi-Break A Chrome Extension

Getting burnt out? Take a Corgi break, man. With images, imgur albums, and YouTube videos pulled fresh from /r/corgi, you are always just a click away from Corgi heaven.

Bob Ross Search A Home Page

Begin every Internet browsing session with artistic wisdom from Bob Ross. These artistic aphorisms will never fail to uplift, renew, and inspire. Bookmark it today!

A Glorious Mystery

Blog by Sam Loesch

Trust Fall

Blog by Ben Parks

Joel Brewer

Web Developer for Hire

Digital Imaging Solutions

Photograhpy by Micah Chiang

Personal Finance Tracking by freebyTech